Alopecia is described as a condition in which the immune system eradicates the hair follicles. Alopecia can lead to hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. In most cases, the hair is lost in small, quarter-sized amounts and usually does not exceed the amount of a few patches. In more extreme cases, Alopecia can progress to cause complete hair loss of the scalp and other areas of the body. White blood cells in the immune system rapidly attack cells in hair follicles that make the hair grow. These affected cells become small and slow down hair production.

A fortunate aspect of this process is that the stem cells that constantly provide hair follicles with new cells are not targeted, so the potential to re-grow hair always exists. Scientists believe that people may be genetically predisposed to this condition and is caused by a possible virus or something in the immediate environment.

Living with Alopecia can be very difficult and socially intimidating, but is both educated and concerned for their consumers and offer an extensive selection of wigs and accessories. has links and references to books and resources that offer empathetic and informative information to those suffering through hair loss. Their site conveniently has a section specifically devoted to wigs due to medical hair loss. realizes that those who suffer from Alopecia may not be in need of a complete wig, but pieces and extensions to cover certain areas of hair loss. There are pieces specially crafted to fit any area of the head. One can choose from either the 100% natural hairpieces or synthetic fiber for shake and go ease. Whether the coverage you need is top, front, or a combination of both- you will feel confident about how great you look. These hair integration pieces are a simple and luxurious way to adding body, volume, and/or highlights to your hair.

Some may be concerned about how comfortable and safe their wig from the can be. Innovations in the business have led to wigs becoming even lighter and comfortable than ever before. Thinner fabrics and lighter cap construction allows for a greater circulation and feel. Other features such as velvet bands can contribute to softness and the versatility in sizes and shapes ensures that anyone’s wig will feel and fit perfectly.

Other concerns have spawned from those with medical conditions which contribute to hair loss and who worry about the wig further worsening their condition. This is simply not something to be of concern, but quite the opposite. Wearing a wig will not harm the scalp nor inhibit the growth of natural hair.

Wearing a wig promotes better mental health and protects the scalp from sun and other damaging exterior factors. realizes that its customers buy wigs to make them selves feel and look better and it is their mission that the consumer continues to do so.

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