Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival

Dedicated to the expansion of art, business and craft of screen writers and movie directors, the Austin Film Festival also recognizes their contribution in any form of media. It champions the creations of those who are still aspiring and even those that are already established by granting special services, cultural events, enhancing awareness and encouraging partnerships.

The Austin Film Festival was founded in 1994 which is the pioneering organization of its kind that closely looks into the unique style of writing in connection with the motion picture industry. It was already attended by the likes of Was Anderson, Robert Altman, Joel Coen, James Brooks, Barry Levinson, Russel Croew, Robert Duvall, Darren Star, Dennis Hopper, Buck Henry, John Landis, Lawrence Kasdan, Bryan Singer, Garry Shandling, Sandra Bullock, Oliver Stone, Owen Wilson and Harold Ramis.

With the mission to establish movie makers such as editors, producers, artists, cinematographers and anybody that uses the language of flicks to translate a story with dynamism, the Austin Film Festival comes up with various programs for career development. In its 1993 launch, it was the first to also have a conference celebrating the significance of telling a narrative. They believe that even after thirteen years later, even if you have been equipped with the technicalities but you are not able to speak of an account and interpret into audio- video, it is as nothing.

Registrants to the activities in the Austin Film Festival will be able to have a personal access to the professionals themselves as well as the high- level executives. In the past years they were able to welcome Hollywood celebrities such as Claire Danes, Matthew McConaughey, Mary Masterson, Donal Logue, Eric Stoltz, Sam Elloit and Gina Gershon, to mention a few. They generate over 80 interactive panel discussions over for a four- day course. It includes what they call Meet & Greet where they are in a casual and intimate setting; Roundtables where they will gather with at least eight big wigs in the industry and Panels where it is only limited to a sitting of 30 people.

After the finale of each day, all of them are already more than just acquaintances where in the evening they conclude the night by hanging out to parties. In fact, it is not unusual if there will be conversation with Wedding Crashers’ Bob Fisher and Steve Faber while standing in the line for any premiere screenings. Even brushing elbows with Shane Black or John Hancock, you can then eventually talk to them about writing and directing. If you are in for the obstacles in the business, take note of Barry Josephson or Harold Ramis at the Texas Film Commission Barbecue. There is simply no velvet ropes or VIP access around, everybody are just but ordinary in this one of a kind affair.

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