The Florida Film Festivals

The Florida Film Festivals

Summary: Florida is not all about beaches and sunshine, because a number of celebrities and cinema big wigs head to Florida for its film festivals

Florida is not all about beaches and sunshine, because a number of celebrities and cinema big wigs head to Florida for its film festivals. There is so much glitz and glamour and elegance under the hot lights as well as under the hot sun. Predominantly on the Florida Film Festival were people meet the stars and producers showcasing the latest masterpieces in the big screen. Surprisingly a number of organizations in Florida also host their own film festival annually.

The Florida Film Festival is the leading film state event. The Florida Film Festival is in its 15 annual event that takes place every spring optimizing the Florida’s spring sunshine. Since the Florida Film Festival understands the need to reach out outside and not only confining within the United States boundary, the festival showcases the best foreign films together of course with the American films. The Florida Film Festival is based in Orlando and is produced by Enzian Theater. The festival has long since become one of the most respected regional film events in the country, even making it among the country’s top 15 film events.

Past distinguished personalities that have graced the event include Oliver Stone (of the Natural Born Killers, Evita and the recent Alexander), Gabriel Byrne (Assault on Precint 13), Famke Janssen (X-Men), Jason Lee (Monster House, Jersey Girl), Christopher Walken (The Dogs of War, Catch Me if You Can), Dennis Hopper (The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Land of the Dead), Leelee Sobieski (Deep Impact, Joan of Arc), Steve Buscemi(Con Air, The Sopranos ), Campbell Scott (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Secret Lives of Dentists), and William H. Macy (Fargo, Sahara).

Another noteworthy organization is the Jacksonville Film Festival. This Florida film festival is a non profit organization dedicated to uphold the cultural tradition by the means of attracting the independent filmmakers and international film to Florida. Because this Florida film festival prioritize entries from overseas and independent films, it somewhat paved a way for less funded projects to display their works. Such practices is often very beneficial as a spring board for starter producers, inspiring a new generation of film talents by crediting lesser budget high content films and connecting the beginners to the filmmaking world.

Another notable Florida film festival is the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Now celebrating its 22nd year of filming excellence, the event will be showcasing over 200 films annually from around the globe, world and national premieres. Since Fort Lauderdale doubles as a hotspot, no other film event can get you occupied from day till night.

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